Why do We Really Do It?

As a mom, I want to raise my daughter to be kind, generous and connected to the other members of our human family. 

Like you, when I saw the horror of the world’s refugee crisis unfolding I felt helpless to do something that would make a lasting impact. 

Filmmaker Chris Temple, creator of the award-winning documentary Salam Neighbor, where he lived in a refugee camp in Jordan to document the refugee experience, says this:

 If you can match one person in the world who is in need to one other person in the world who can help them, you can change the world.  

This idea of connecting one woman to another is at the heart of our mission.  

Our dolls are our means of communicating with each other.  

The dolls cross oceans and continents and connect us to what once seemed far-away neighbors and therefore to our own humanity--they become the channel for two women to say to each other--sister, I am of you and you are of me. 

This is the kindness and generosity I want to teach to my children. 

As one of our artisans said:

“I come here to show the world, we are talented and innovative women.” 

If you'd like help talking to your children about refugees and research-based tips on how to increase generous behavoir in your children, click here to download this free generosity activity and guide.  

I'd love to know what came up for you reading this post. Comment below and let me know. 

Looking forward, 

Elizabeth El Ansari 

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